If getting to the store or even ordering  online feels like a burden, look at the barrier. 
What are you saying to yourself?
It’s too hard. 
I can’t do it. 
I don’t know what to get. 
What if I don’t like it?
I don’t know what to do with it. 
Then notice that sensation of that inside yourself. 
If you ever want to create a new, more easeful relationship with getting food to the table, it’s time to regulate inside so that the tape doesn’t start rolling in your mind, keeping you stuck. 
You have more power than you think and ability to offer yourself the relative safety you need.  
This resource is also here to have your back before, during and after the store so you that you can slow down and access the truth:  you don’t need to be a perfect cook to take of yourself and your body DOES remember that you care. 


The grocery store can be incredibly overwhelming. From the brightness, to the temperature, to the noise, to the insane amount of options. It’s important to find the places you get stuck and break them down into manageable pieces and remember that this experience isn’t bigger than you. You can do hard things.


Many of us were thrown into online grocery shopping because of quarantine or maybe you’re interested in getting started doing that. There are different gifts and challenges that come along with it.

In this video I share one tip with you on what you need to do before ever stepping foot in a grocery store or opening up the grocery app, if you get overwhelmed by grocery shopping.

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