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savor food and body podcast

Regulating your Nervous System for Attuned Eating

Tracy discusses how trauma is stored in the body and affects our ability to regulate our nervous system.  In order to heal our relationship with food, eating, and our bodies, we have to learn to feel safe eating and in our environment. Tracy provides examples of how we can create safety around us and while eating- achieve attuned eating.

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savor food and body podcast

Blaming Your Body For Unhealed Trauma

In this episode join Meg and Tracy as they talk about how dieting has provided a false sense of safety to people and how bodies are often easily blamed for the negative feelings that we have inside. Get ready because this episode is really going to make you think.

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savor food and body podcast

How to Destress Your Relationship with Food

Want to feel less anxious about what you eat and heal your relationship with food?

Feeling stressed about what to eat rarely comes from not knowing how healthy it is. In fact, if you’re like many women in midlife, you’ve spent decades researching the best diet for health, fitness, and weight loss.

But if you already know how you’re “supposed to eat” why not do that every day? Stress and anxiety often get in the way of creating a healthy relationship with food. They also limit your ability to care for yourself in ways that you want – like eating more vegetables, for example.

This conversation will help you stop relying on diet culture for self-worth and have more agency with food and your body.

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Sensitivity, Healing the Nervous System and the Deeper Meaning of Eating Disorders

In this podcast episode, I join Harriet Frew to discuss the following topics: 

– my healing journey

– embracing being highly sensitive

– the ups and downs of the recovery road

– and understanding the deeper meaning of eating disorders and how they can be symbolic communicators

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Trauma, Compassionate Witnessing and Peaceful Eating

In this podcast episode, I join Tara Whitney to discuss the following topics: 

Our reaction to trauma came from wise actions that supported us in the past.

When the reaction emerges now, often with food patterns, our healing is recognizing what’s happening in our body and giving ourselves space for processing. 

Diets can be addictive because they offer hope, promise, and familiar regulation for people that need relief and safety.

And more…

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Attuned Eating for Eating Disorder Recovery

In this episode I join Kirsten Hunneyball on her podcast where we explore the topic of attuned eating, taking a special look at the significance of trauma responses in eating disorders.
I also share some of my personal story around disordered eating and how I came to be a dietitian.

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Pleased to join Mark of The Embodiment Podcast where we discuss food, emotions, intuitive eating, emotional eating, cultural issues, why we eat, triggers and glimmer, stress, comparison and kids eating. Wonderful for many of us.   

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Take a minute and think about your relationship with food…. Is it something you have struggled with your whole life? Or maybe the relationship took a turn recently.  Is it negative or positive?  Do you have a food disorder or maybe just disordered eating?  Whatever your struggle may be, you can overcome it, YOU CAN HEAL that relationship you have with food and start living a happier, more fulfilling life without restrictions and rules and dieting all the damn time!   

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In this episode of the Living Fully Alive show, I join Mary Hyatt as we talk about how to navigate the messy middle of learning how to practice Intuitive Eating when it feels like it’s not working -Learn what it’s like to recover from diet culture in a thin body and how the system is a lose – lose for all body types -Discover how to trust yourself and your body around food again

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Many people who have a history of trauma also struggle with their relationship with food. From eating disorders, chronic dieting and emotional eating to feeling guilty not exercising or “eating healthy”, these behaviors often become a way we create a “faux window of tolerance” to try to regulate our responses to life’s stimuli, whether in or outside.

In this episode of the Beyond Surviving Podcast, my guest Tracy Brown and I discuss how to move from obsessions with food and weight and “body phobia” to using attuned eating and building capacity to bring awareness and safety to be able to respond to the needs with clarity.

Tracy joins Robin Baker on her show, ‘Recovery Sucks’ and talks about what it’s like to be someone who has recovered from an eating disorder while also working with those on their intuitive eating journey.

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Topics covered:
-How Tracy had her own eating disorder which opened her eyes to this work
-How she got started in this work & how the original nutrition advice she learned didn’t sit right with her.
-Attuned eating; what it is and how to listen more to your body with food choices
-Is keto really adkins remixed? 
-How to ground yourself in your body on the daily with these EASY tricks.

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I did a podcast with Dr. Holly Lucille, introducing the idea of Attuned Eating where I discussed the power of being your own inner food expert and I also some grounding work to make listening to your body easier. Who doesn’t want this process to be easier right?

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Join Mary and I as we talk about how to navigate the messy middle of learning how to practice Intuitive Eating when it feels like it’s not working. Discover how to trust yourself and your body around food again.

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​I had the privilege of being with Rande Moss again on her podcast, where we discuss embodiment, the role of the nervous system in keeping obsessions with food and weight going and how we can get grounded.

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Check out my latest podcast interview with Rande Moss. Rande and I both talk fast and passionately as people do who are on fire to bring hope and the encouragement for the next wave of people who don’t want to settle for kinda okay with food. No matter how long it takes (for me it was 7 long years; for you it might be 30), do not give up.

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Check out my latest podcast interview with Clara Wisner with Love Rising where we talk permission to eat, why being present in our bodies with food teaches us embodiment and embodiment allows us to be less worried about what the world thinks about our food and bodies!  It was a rich conversation that I hope shifts your level of presence as well!

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Check out my interview with @summerinannen where I talk about what it means to trust your body and how to become more attuned in order to feel safe in your body and have a better relationship with food.

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The Love Food Podcast wit Julie Duffy. Have you had an emotional connection to food that has helped you cope with crappy life events yet now you want to experience food in the way intended? Do you long to be a normal eater? Listen now for insight to steady and stable.

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Life.Unrestricted with Meret Boxler podcast, Stepping towards a joyful relationship with food and body size. Today, and only on the “Life. Unrestricted.” podcast, she’s will tell us all of this: – How being highly sensitive as a kid led her to numb her feelings with an obsession to be the perfect kid – How her obsession quickly turned into meal-skipping, dieting, and taking advice from fitness-magazines at face value and more. 

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In this episode we talk about what happens when you have a history of trauma, which might prevent you from feeling embodied, and how that makes honoring your hunger and fullness increasingly more difficult. We also talk about how loving your body might seem like a lofty goal if you’re coming from a place of body hate and disgust. 

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Listen in to hear our thoughts on what little things you can do to build trust and create better health in your life. I share my struggles with food and body image and we emphasized how we are all born with the capacity to eat and take care of ourselves in a way that’s right for us. 

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The physiological impact of diet culture is disembodiment, which is a huge barrier to compassionate self-care. When we listen to diet cultures’ ‘rules’ about what is an acceptable body, we swallow the idea that we can’t trust our bodies at all. Don’t miss this fascinating discussion about how utterly shitty it is to be taught this message, and hear some seriously awesome strategies to get back in and reclaim our glorious bodies! There is NOTHING wrong with our bodies, but something is SERIOUSLY wrong with diet culture!

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EDulting: Embodied Recovery with Resilience Center. Listen here. 

Respecting your body and mind! Listen here.

Food Psych #96: How to Trust Your Body & Honor Its Wisdom. Listen here.

Interview with Trauma Therapist with Guy Macpherson.  Listen here.

Interview with Fiona Sutherland, The Mindful Dietician.

I’ll let her description of what we talked about say it all. “A new Podcast episode has just hit the deck and hopefully it’s another one you’ll really love! This time I’m speaking with RD and Somatic Therapist Tracy Brown, who is not only super passionate about body-based work but is also amazingly generous, sharing with us a wonderful meditation which she has designed based on her somatic work which aims to cut through shame, and build a sense of worthiness.

A little more of what you can expect…
– Supporting clients to trust their bodies for life
– The importance of attunement and mindful presence in nutritional practice
– Being comfortable with “mess”; the art of knowing when to use cognitive and counselling/mindful skills
– An introduction to somatic nutrition therapy; things getting stuck in the nervous system – a transformation of neural pathways, not just strategies for coping
– Recognising client needs and what they are ready for; making their choices okay for them by building safety
– Shame; how it arrives, recognising it, sitting with it and bringing it out in the open for healing”

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