Services for Clients

Whether you would like one on one coaching, group coaching support, or to learn more about
intuitive eating, we’ve got you covered. Rediscover how we were born to eat for body trust,
getting off the weight loss/gain rollercoaster and being our own nutrition experts!


One-on-One Somatic Nutrition Counseling and Coaching  for
Eating Disorders, Breaking Free from Diets & Coming Home to Our Bodies

I am honored to be part of anyone’s decision to heal their relationship with food and body image.  I work with women, men and children of all ages to discover their identity with food and movement outside of a system of deprivation and worry.

I can work with you via Skype, Facetime or phone from any place in Florida and Intuitive Eating Coaching all over the world!  From the privacy of your home, we can connect.  I will coordinate with your hometown treatment team (therapist, physician, etc) to provide a team-based approach (nutrition counseling, therapy, and medical guidance) to help guide you towards full recovery.

I remember what it was like living in an area where there were not adequate resources and the resources available did not have the expertise to help me find peace with my eating issues.  Using technology, you have another choice for treatment and support and I am excited and honored to be part this process with you.  

In Naples, FL, I guide clients in person towards a healthy relationship with food, weight and exercise and coming home to their bodies.  In Gainesville, FL  I maintain a strong network of colleagues to partner with to assist you as well.

How to Get Started

To get started toward your healing from eating concerns, all you have to do is:
1)  Contact me  for a free 30 min consultation to assess your needs and get crystal clear about what your goals are and how we can get there.
2)  Make arrangements for one time payment or installments
3)  Schedule an appointment.  
4)  Send back coaching agreement and any first session forms; these will be sent to you via email so convenient for you to send back.
4)  If applicable to the direction our work takes us, make arrangements to have a blind weight done by your physician or someone trusted (we will discuss more in-depth at your first session) if you are not meeting with me in person.
5)  Settle in to make space in your life for evolution!

What to Expect

People often ask, “What can I expect?  All I know is what my life is like is not how  I want to feel.  Let’s start with what “All the way through” looks like.

All the way through starts with wanting to weigh less, to feel less (and that’s okay) to be willing to look at more.  More of who you are, less giving away your power (even though that feels safe) to bow at the alter of thinness as a way to be loved, to not feel the eons of pain (shame, guilt, fear , anger) that are tucked away with each calorie counted, food rule obsessed, about, each binge, each purge.

As we begin to nourish ourselves, with less and less strings attached (no more earning our need for nourishment), we begin to thaw and stop running  and we learn to feel, well our feels, and gather strength from the tools of compassion, courage and curiosity.  We begin to eat with full permission (which eventually teaches us how to live).  We begin to question that maybe my body wasn’t/isn’t so bad and is always trying to tell me something.  It is.  With each sensation, with each wave of hunger or fullness, with each tingle and tug and heaviness of emotion, we are learning to ride the waves.

Healing from food and body image issues is always about the deeper dive in.  The doorway in to the parts of ourselves we left behind because it wasn’t safe or acceptable to be that free or shiny.  When you see food as food and learn to eat supportively as this process can give you, those parts of yourself get to grow up with the part of you that said YES! to freedom from food or weight worries in the first place.

All the way through looks like trust.  I trust my body, I trust myself. I trust that I am inherently supported.  It looks like love.  Love for yourself and the body that is always perfectly loveable.

Session Details

Sessions are 50-60 min. 

We recommend a very minimum of 2 sessions to get to know each other, finish the assessment and collaborate on goals important to you.  Occasionally, clients have a session or two and go off living life freely with food. 

Most of our clients come consistently to learn how to eat a variety of foods and to eat out without anxiety, move joyfully and find peace with the body you need to be to have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

As clients progress, they often reduce the time needed for follow-ups as well; this will be determined between you and your nutrition therapist/coach.

We also provide occasional email and text support between sessions, however, if this happens consistently it is a sign that you may need additional sessions and a plan will be worked out.

Client Love

“I don’t like to post publicly but after that beautiful video I wanted to say, your videos, your program and definitely you and working with you have been nothing short of a blessing in my life. Please keep doing the videos, they are so helpful! You’ve been the missing piece of the puzzle that I’ve been searching for the past 17 years. Before working with you, I’d given up hope that I’d ever have a normal relationship with food and while I’m not there yet, I’m finally making changes and I’m confident that with your help I will get there. You’ve given me my hope back and it’s not just my hope, I used to see having a normal relationship with food as this intangible, out of reach ‘thing’ that I could never achieve and now I know it IS within my reach and I WILL get there, so I’m celebrating that. Thank you Tracy!”

~ Megan, MI

Peaceful Eating Community

The ultimate community that will help guide you towards a peaceful relationship with food, weight, and yourself.

While being a member of the Peaceful Eating Community, you will learn how to answer these and many more questions:

“What does my body want? If I could have any food in world, what would it be?

” If I am not hungry, what am I hungering for? What is/has been happening in my life? How will the food I am wanting to eat impact how I am feeling?”

These and many other conversations about food, body image, health, self-care, compassion, emotional resilience, being part of the solution of ending weight prejudice and freedom are part of the Peaceful Eating Community.

This community will help you uncover your ability to eat confidently from hunger and fullness.

In each module, you will be guided towards a piece of the puzzle for sustainable self-care with food and positive body image. You will receive compassion and be reminded to provide self-compassion, food awareness exercises, body image, and nurture an emotional connection with yourself.

Get ready to stop dieting, counting points / calories / macros and eat from hunger and fullness without guilt, while honoring your health.

Find a sustainable mode of movement that doesn’t feel like a punishment.

End the pain of feeling disgusted by your body.

Just have food be food.

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies

BODY IMAGE. The idea we have struggled with as long as we can remember. I learned that smaller was better at 8 years old and the seeds were planted accordingly to worry about my body size growing up.

We have stuffed, starved and manipulated our bodies in all kinds of ways to help ease the anger, fear and pain of our experiences and emotions.

We have tried to be good followers of diets, and we were, we just didn’t know we were playing in a rigged game that we could never win.

So between the early imprints of feeling not worthy or wanted and diet culture trying to convince us of our acceptability, our bodies take the hit.

We start to believe are are too much, need or feel too much and project that all onto our bodies. We repeat stories of “if my legs/but/belly/whole self” were just “thinner/more toned/less gross” I could finally feel okay.

What if this body talk was really an opportunity? Not something to judge but a doorway into understanding that “I feel fat” is always “I feel uncomfortable” and that if greeted and attuned to, especially witnessed in relationship with safe others, can be transmuted into some of the greatest freedom we may have known.

What to Expect

Me: I will lead the discussion, coach you to go deeper in your own process and be a co-creator in this peace process with your body with you.

You: You will buy the book, When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, show up having read or listened to the pre-assigned sections prior to each meeting and be as present as you can to yourself and others, also helping to create a space of understanding and encouragement.

We: Remember that we were born whole with the capacity be peaceful and attuned with our bodies, it’s just that life had experiences in our paths that made it feel impossible to stay attuned. WE can return to safe attunement that helps us WANT to be in and like our bodies again.

After you enter this space, you will receive an email with reminders to order your book, zoom log in instructions, a list of all the meeting dates and an email the days leading up to each meeting, (4 emails in total, 1 each week) with some questions for contemplation/journaling prior to our meeting.

You are not required to engage with these, though I do find that action activates new neuralpathways of creating a more body positive perspective.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you are reading this, I know you understand how important this work is for having more time and energy back in our lives. To walk around at peace with one’s body can only lead to peace with ourselves.

I welcome you here and honored to walk with you toward peacefulness.

Let's Work Together!

Let's find out if Intuitive Eating Counseling is the missing piece to more ease and freedom for you.