Hi, I'm Tracy!

I’m a somatic nutrition therapist, registered licensed dietitian and attuned eating coach in private practice providing in-person, phone and online counseling since 2006.  


I usher people on a soul level…

Because I believe not wanting to be in the body is a way of protecting oneself, so the work is about nourishing the nervous system to feel safe enough to drop in to feel emotion to actually heal. 

Changing the food becomes an “of course eating is easier now” as flow becomes more a way of operating.

I specialize in treatment of eating disorders and eating problems for both adults and children as well as issues related to over-extending the body, including adrenal fatigue, hormone issues, PCOS and gut health.

I routinely teach intuitive eating workshops and disordered eating related talks throughout Florida, including University of Florida and Santa Fe College Gainesville, FL,  Flager College, St. Augustine, FL, Florida Gulf Coast University, Ft Myers, FL.  I am also the guest Nutrition Therapist for Feast, an online intuitive eating program and have appeared on many podcasts featuring topics on Intuitive Eating, Trauma healing, Positive body image and Recovery.

I believe what healing food and weight concerns is really about is deciding to live fully human in the diverse and amazing bodies we have.  Living and Feeling fully with courage and being dedicated to the fullest expression of who we are is the point.

I want to share my personal story with you…

In the beginning…

There was nothing extraordinarily wrong.  Great grades, many friends and excelled at most things I did.  I still felt somewhat empty and wondering what the point was.  I noticed too much.  Felt too much.  Was told more times than I can remember that I needed to toughen up.  

I just never could get away from feeling what other people were feeling.  So I dove into obsessions around being nice, and good; the perfect kid/student/athlete to distract me from the discrepancies of the world.  So I did my best until that didn’t work anymore either…

What started out as skimping on breakfast, quickly turned to developing food rules from lovely “fitness” magazines imparted by “experts” as well as dieting relatives.  If  I could look like “them” I would be beyond feeling hurt; I would be unconditionally loved and end the earning and striving.  But of course, there is never an end or filling of the hole…..

Purgatory….. restricting, binging, over-exercising, isolation, shame for many years until I really realized that being thinner didn’t make life better and that I was chasing the fantasy of thin.

After 8 long years, I finally took the risk to…

Attuned Eating and Deciding to Like My Body and Choosing to continuously learn about becoming more fully who I am.  A soul having human experiences, trying to navigate the confusion of why we aren’t loving to ourselves and each other.

And life is well beyond “normal”.

Through learning attuned eating and healing my relationship with food, exercise, and my body and good ole’ fashion work in therapy and personal growth work with the issues underneath the food, I don’t have the concerns that many non-dieters or those with eating disorders have…. I don’t worry about food or weight…at all. I don’t get triggered by what the world has to say about food or weight.

I trust and adore the process of becoming our own food experts through body trust, regulating our stress responses and safe relationships

The Work

I have become comfortable thinking of myself as guide, coach and mentor to helping women and men find peace with food and weight concerns.  To teach that there is another way to manage weight without dieting.  To hold a non-judgmental space for exploring and healing binge and emotional eating.  To provide practical and hopeful interventions to be truly healed from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.  And no, most people who have eating problems are not thin, so don’t think you aren’t sick  (ie thin) enough to need help.

I marvel at how, with some patience and practice, we can help our nervous systems come back to regulation from chronic flight/fight/ freeze and make space for feeling what once was overwhelming.  We can start to feel how expansive we really are.

Of course, there will be some heavy duty nutrition counseling and coaching.  What that means that we will make sure you are eating enough to wake up your metabolism, learn to eat based on permission vs. monitoring, help you see how good vs. bad food rules are obsolete to managing weight and emotions and teach you how to be your own food expert!

What is also important that you will discover is that….

Dieting, binge eating, emotional eating, bulimia and anorexia are symbolic communicators.  A way for us to communicate something from within.  Because we may be afraid to say how we feel or know how we feel or know how to problem solve the circumstances, we do what we feel is the only option—we use food to numb out, distract, calm, soothe…..

Which brings us to Symbolic Decoding...

Instead of it meaning something negative, whenever we say I FEEL FAT or I HAD TO HAVE THAT FOOD, it means we need to pay attention.   We have a rich opportunity to explore what we are saying about something in our lives. 


And what so many discover as they do this work is that they are really coming home to themselves.  The ancient self that rests in knowing they are loved regardless of size, money in the bank, degrees, status or any other man-made designation of worth.

And of course, I have to have a catch phrase:  Courage, Compassion and Curiosity – Three of my favorite words

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who commits themselves to healing their relationship with food and body concerns has guts.  I let every person who walks in my door (or Skype screen) know for them to be willing to explore the function of their food beliefs, desire to be thinner, fantasy about what will happen if they are at their “ideal” weight that they need to walk tall.  I reject the idea that it is weakness to acknowledge your pain.  In fact, the clients that are vulnerable become open to their truth and with guidance, come to the solutions they have been desiring.

It takes COURAGE, COMPASSION AND CURIOSITY to be free from food and weight worries.

And because you are reading this right now, I know you got what it takes.  I know because you are open, and seeking this freedom.  I am ready for you when you are.

Let's Work Together!

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