About Amy

Amy has been an RD for over 20 years. She has been blessed with a variety of professional experiences such as Corporate Wellness Dietitian, Associate Professor, Research Consultant, Clinical Dietitian and is now humbled to be doing nutrition counseling. She also delights in being on the board of BodyBloved that provides opportunities to heal one’s relationship with body image, food, and fitness (https://www.bodybloved.com/). She believes that evidenced based science, health behavior theory and best practice make a boom for supporting behavior change.

Through her own diet struggles, she now proclaims the good news about Health at Every Size and the non-diet approach. Having experienced an eating disorder at a noticeably young age and then dabbling in disordered eating for many years thereafter, freedom rang when she started practicing the truths behind the non-diet approach. Her own struggles have equipped her with compassion, empathy, and realistic recommendations for those she works with. Additionally, her past research focused on emotional eating and nutrition interventions using the non-diet approach.

As she sits in the middle of mid-life, she has a heart that cries out to women who are experiencing symptoms related to perimenopause (and men too in this mid-life stage). Going through her own struggles with the side effects of perimenopause, she wants to scream out the message that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. What you are going through is real. Her mother, having gone through her own issues, is a strong encourager of seeking out help beyond what appears to be the traditional. Amy believes that this support is vital to everyone and that life is much better when one realizes YOU ARE NOT ALONE. She believes in extra self-care in all seasons of life and especially this one. As she reflects on her life with disordered eating, she is grateful that she was healed of that and wants to help those that struggle. It is enough to go through drastic bodily changes in the second half of life nevertheless having to struggle with food, body image, and physical activity.

Finally, she is the wife to an amazing, hot hubs and a mama to 3 amazing kids, one of which came home from China through adoption recently. Faith, family, and friends are the top blessings in her life. (Although on many days you can see her on the struggle bus attempting to do mid-life and multitask😉). Amy loves walking, waking to morning devos and coffee, and sitting by the water. Her hope for those with strongholds related to food, body image, and physical activity, is that they will be set free to live the life they were called to live!

If you would like to submit out-of-pocket payments for services to insurance, Amy is able to provide services in FL, AZ, CO, CA, IL, MI, VA, OH, WV, UT, ID.

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