What If You Could… 

Stop dieting. 

Stop counting points/calories/macros and eat from hunger and fullness without guilt, while honoring your health… 

Find a sustainable mode of movement that doesn’t feel like a punishment… 

End the pain of feeling disgusted by your body… 

Just have food be food. 

Separate out food from emotion and know when
food changes can help or when it’s some other
factor in life that needs to change for
my health? 

What Others Are Saying…

“Numbers, counting calories, tracking points, scales, carbs, fats…I punished myself in a number of ways. It was suffering at it’s finest. If the scale read less, Oh the joy! Let’s push harder, reach a new low. If the scale read higher, the self-hatred was at an all time high, and the panic set in even if it was only up .5 lbs. Starvation was my go-to coping mechanism. I was fat phobic and I was miserable inside…that was two years ago. I can still remember life that way and I can remember I felt so hopeless every bite of food was WAR! In my most desperate time I started searching for help!! There had to be another way. There was. Her name is Tracy Brown, my earth angel. This work has been the toughest work I’ve ever done.  

Tracy has held me up through my darkest times..she has listened and guided me into freedom with food and body image…she has given me recovery. I was open when I came to her. Ready for a new life and new perspective. Ready to stop living my life in this torturous way. I was meant to find her. Thank you Tracy, from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given me.” Brook H | Intuitive Eating Support Group 

“I have appreciated my time in the group. The members, and you, have fostered an inclusive environment. Thank you for being part of my recovery! “ ~ME , United States

“As a child I thought God’s love was conditional on how I acted/lived. Therefore struggling with an eating disorder meant God couldn’t live in me or love me, but during the “Body BLoved” Bible study with Peaceful Eating Community  the past 6 weeks I learned that wasn’t the truth. If I believed in Gods love for me, he will abide with me every step of the way with healing from eating disorder thoughts and actions…I get to relearn from childlike eyes/faith to have a healthy relationship with food and my body with Gods help! – LW | Central Florida

If you want to learn how to eat from hunger and fullness with trust, learn what holistic health is and not be afraid to go to the doctor because of weight or BMI, then this might be the most important information you’ll ever read.  

Here’s why…. 

I have just released a password protected space called

The Peaceful Eating Community

You will:
Have the information my one on one clients have to challenge old beliefs about food and weight that no longer serve located in my

Attuned Eating for Attuned Living Academy

Peer support in a forum style, only focusing on the topics you want to talk about 

3 x’s a Month (with 2 time options to choose from each week) Live Q and A’s with me, as well as, comfort and support from a Faith-Based world view so that you remember the support you have from something greater and always on your side. 

So the best of all worlds!

Self-paced work that is typically is done in a clinical setting, support from other’s in your shoes and guidance from me to not get stuck!  

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in this the Attuned Eating for Attuned Living Academy 

Why weight and BMI are not ethical or reliable indicators of health and how you can let go of the weight shame once and for all.

Reasons why we emotionally eat and all the necessary tools you can use to care for yourself in a different way.

Decoding the "I feel fat" feelings, what they really mean, and how to be radically compassionate and make progress with body positivity.

Remember where your true identity and destiny resides in, not in the number on your pants, age, fitness, health or in pleasing people

This is just a small sample of what you’ll get when you join,
The Peaceful Eating Community

Bonus: Each month, there will be a guest bonus interview with some experts in embodiment, from healing our relationship with food to neuroscience to navigating your sensitive nature. 

Now we know that you’re probably skeptical… 

That’s normal and healthy.  

But… don’t take our word for it.  

Hear What More of Our Clients Have to Say… 

“My first experience ever with Tracy was a group study of the book, “When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies.” At times, the read was difficult simply because of the subject matter and my place on my journey. But, Tracy opened her heart and walked me gently through my thoughts, my feelings, my old narratives. Her investigative prompts helped me to discover places that I didn’t recall that I’d buried old things. She guided me through what would have been a winding path had I gone it alone, but she helped me take a more direct route to what was troubling me and then how I could have that be better for me. Tracy invested in my growth. She actively listened to me and presented me with her observations that were so spot on for me personally. Tracy is very cognizant of boundaries and gently asks permission before she shares. I always knew that it was OK to tell her no, that I didn’t want to hear her perspective, but why would I? Her impressions and thoughts and wisdom always take me to a new place with creative ways to sort it out for myself. When we would meet again, Tracy accurately remembered what we were working on and helped me put my thoughts and actions into words so that I could discover the “whys” behind my experiences. I am so grateful for my time with Tracy. I’m so amazed that I found her and that she gently looked into my heart and help me tidy up so very much. Thank you, Tracy, for all you’ve given me and for all you have in store for me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.Cathy | Body Image Group 

By Now, you’re probably wondering, “How much does this cost?” 

 The materials, teaching, peer and professional support and transformation of your relationship with food, for learning the language of what mistrust of your body is really saying to you, so you can trust yourself with faith and authority and let go of the culture of body policing that ruins people’s self-worth and lives…


Get ready to stop dieting,

Counting points/calories/macros and eat from hunger and fullness without guilt while honoring your health

Find a sustainable mode of movement that doesn’t feel like a punishment

End the pain of feeling disgusted by your body…

Just have food be food.

Don’t forget you get access to the Attuned Eating for Attuned Living Academy!

Each Module Consists of 3 parts:
1. Audio, Video and Written content to complete
2.  Interview with special guest expert in recovery and trauma healing
3. Tools to help you out of fight/flight/freeze/please responses to be more in “now time” and less in trigger and “memory time

Below is an outline of the first 12 months of content.
One new module a month will be released ongoing.
As long as you stay, you will receive new content each month and your feedback goes into what is created!

Module 1: How to End the Confusion about Where to Start With Into The Depths of Attuned Eating

  • Understanding when and why I might need to have containment with food, aka checking in with my body, versus “just eat the food” and how to use any tool with a lense of providing versus depriving.
  • Learn how intuition helps people end symptoms like a lack of trust in your body, obsession about food and weight, how to prevent emotional eating because of deprivation from food or even thoughts about depriving food, and letting go of the fear that your health will be damaged if you don’t lose weight.

Module 2: How to Heal Barriers to Confidence with Intuitive Eating

  • Learn the importance of eating enough.
  • Understand emotional eating and stop the cycle.
  • Discover how cultural conditioning affects our eating habits and body image.

Module 3: How to Stop Stressing About Weight With Debunking BMI and Other Health Myths

  • Uncover fears about health and weight
  • Resources to stop stressing about weight

Module 4: How to End the Cycle of Blaming Your Body With Decoding Bad Body Thoughts

  • Learn how to separate physical from emotional hunger and fullness
  • Learn what body bashing is really trying to tell you

Module 5: How to Navigate Non-Hunger Eating With Satisfaction and Soothing Rebellion Eating

  • Learn why we feel “addicted” to certain foods
  • What to eat when you don’t know what to eat
  • Why you are full but still craving

Module 6: How to Make Peace With Fear of What Others Think About Your Body With How to Deal With Weight Loss Wishes

  • How to bring stability and level-headedness to stop yourself from going back on a diet.
  • Dive deeper into the function of dieting

Module 7: How to Go From Overwhelmed to "I Got This" with Radical Self Care

  • What is self care
  • Giving ourselves permission to indulge in self care

Module 8: How to End the Body Beratement Blues

  • Learn in depth strategies and ways of being with our bodies that is saner and more compassionate than the mindset we have been raised with.

Module 9: How to Stop Worrying About Every Morsel You Put in Your Mouth With Gentle Nutrition

  • How to become a nutrition expert
  • How to help your body with nutrition when it needs it and how to do it without becoming obsessed again

Module 10: How to Make Movement a "Yes" versus a "Should" With Movement Separated From Trying to Change the Body

  • Stop feeling like you “should” exercise and learn how to start “wanting” to embrace movement in your life

Module 11: Why Uncoupling Food and Weight From the Stress Cycle Helps With Nervous System Regulation Which Makes Us Healthier!

  • Learn how stress impacts our physiology
  • Discover tools for shifting your environment

Module 12: Food Cravings and Desires to Restrict Certain Foods Decoded!  

  • Gain the tools to help you get curious about what your desires to eat or restrict certain food come from
  • Learn how to take the power out of your desires and give it back to you as a choice to eat or not

Plus tons of content and support such as:

  • Resourse section
  • Meal Ideas
  • Clothes shopping
  • Tools and and the WHY of how they work to help you heal stop obsessing about food and weight
  • Peer support to not be a “lone-wolf” trying to figure out if you’re the only one who feels this way AND find the solution on your own
  • My professional support to shorten the learning curve and keep you from getting stuck!
  • And more!

Ok I'm ready!

Invest in 12 months of materials, teaching, support and transformation of your relationship with food, for learning the language of what mistrust of your body is really saying to you. Trust yourself with faith and authority & let go of the culture of body policing that ruins your self worth!

Membership maybe canceled at anytime though recommended a minimum of 3 months to have a full experience of the group to make an assessment of “it’s worth it”. 
No refunds are offered.