Imagine what life would be like if you could finally stop worrying about your body or feeling out-of-control around food…no wait, you really can.

Imagine what life would be like if you could finally stop worrying about your body or feeling out-of-control around food…no wait, you really can.

Have you stopped dieting but still find yourself . . .

  • Wishing you had a smaller body?
  • Comparing your body to others?
  • Worrying about having to go to the doctor?
  • Eating more “fun” foods than you think you should – especially when you feel stressed or bored?
  • Struggling to discern hunger and fullness?
  • Being pulled back to diets from time to time – even if you never actually start a new one?
  • Thinking in terms of good food and bad food (or healthy and unhealthy)?
  • Feeling guilty when eating certain foods (or afraid to eat them)?
  • Turning to food every time big emotions come up?
  • Not exercising (or doing any form of ‘joyful movement’) because NONE of it feels joyful?
  • Wishing you could pursue healthy habits without becoming obsessive like you did back when you were dieting?

How will you ever fully move past all of this? Can you REALLY become an intuitive eater or will you struggle with this for the rest of your life?

You’re not alone. And it’s not your fault that you still struggle to eat intuitively and accept your body.

It’s time to put all that behind you for good. And based on our work with hundreds of other women, it really is possible.

But it takes some hard work to dismantle years or decades of following diet culture.

The Intuitive Eating workbook is excellent but we make the most progress when we work through faulty thinking in relationship with others…

People who make us feel safe and help us use compassion and curiosity with our thoughts…

Who will help us build the skills needed to take our Intuitive Eating journey to the next level.

Our step-by-step Intuitive Eating Workbook Deep Dive is an 10-week group program, facilitated by a trauma-informed dietitian, for women who desire to move from “knowing” intuitive eating to “being” an intuitive eater so they can leave diet culture and movement issues behind for good!

This is exactly what I've been looking for!

During our time together you’ll learn how to:

Accurately discern your hunger or fullness

Get clear about, and let go of the fear of weight gain that causes deprivation-driven eating and feeling out of control

Enjoy all food without guilt or shame

Have a healthier, more balanced relationship with food

Make peace with your body and trust it will take care of you

Pursue wellness without becoming obsessive

Identify emotional eating and learn self-soothing behaviors beyond food

Effectively manage the challenges, pressures, and stresses that cross your path on this journey

Live a life of freedom!!

Here’s what the program will look like:

  • 10 weekly one-hour group meetings via Zoom at 6 pm EST beginning Monday, January 22nd.
  • We’ll cover one chapter every other week from the Intuitive Eating Workbook
  • Each class will run 60 – 75 minutes
  • Meetings will be facilitated by Karis Jentink, a trauma-informed, non-diet dietitian therapist on the team
  • We’ll foster an environment that makes you feel safe & supported while making great connections with others on the same journey
  • She’ll ask open-ended questions and make suggestions with consent; she won’t give advice or tell you what to do.
  • You’ll get to share what you’re learning and encourage others
  • Each week you’ll get practical tools and tips to build a new, healthy, non-obsessed normal around food and your body just being your body.
  • We’ll be using the official Intuitive Eating workbook. If you do not already have a copy, we have extras. Just let us know.
  • Please come to each meeting prepared by completing the assigned workbook lessons and be ready to explore and share.


$500 if paid in full
Or 3 payments of $170 each – first due at sign-up and every 4 weeks after.
Get expert guidance from a trauma-informed, non-diet dietitian for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one sessions.

If you’re ready to find true and lasting freedom, register today.

The Intuitive Eating Workbook Group Program will help you move from just knowing the intuitive eating principles to figuring out how, what, when, and why you eat so you can remove the barriers that are keeping you from true food and body freedom, allowing you to live life to its fullest!

What would life look like if food could ALWAYS just be food and you could stop bashing your body for good? More peace? More joy? More purpose? More laughter?

Just think of how amazing it would feel to stop worrying about your weight. Or the relief you’d feel from having coping strategies other than reaching for more food when you feel stressed or bored? Or how satisfying it would be to know you’re taking good care of yourself, without the obsession?

Working with a trauma-informed, non-diet dietitian has been a game changer for me. I learned about intuitive eating five years ago. I stopped dieting, read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, followed influencers in the non-diet space and still I struggled with weight worries and eating when I wasn’t hungry or eating past full. I’m finally uncovering my barriers to being an intuitive eater, engaging in joyful movement and accepting my body as it is. I’ve had a safe space to dig deep and wrestle with tough questions. I’m so grateful I finally decided to stop trying to do this on my own but wish I would have worked with someone at the beginning of my journey. It would have saved me a lot of time and struggle.

- Christy Yoder

Don’t Miss Out

Because we want to keep the group intimate, there are only 10 spots available.

Registration ends on Friday, January 19th but don’t wait as we expect this to fill up fast.

Paid in full prior to January 15th


3 Payments, first due at time of sign up and every 4 weeks after.

$170 per payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this group for beginners?

In our experience, most people need group or one-on-one coaching to move beyond just not dieting into being an intuitive eater. If you’re brand new, this is a GREAT place to start. If you’ve been on the journey longer, you are likely stuck somewhere and we desire to help you get unstuck with this program.

What will be expected of me each week?

You’ll need to complete the assigned workbook questions each week before attending the live group coaching calls (we get that ‘life happens’ so even if you haven’t completed each week’s assignment, you are welcome to join us). We also expect you to come to the calls ready to explore, share, and have a teachable spirit as you’re guided to a deeper level of freedom. We will not be mentioning numbers (size or weight) and we do not label foods as good or bad.

Can’t I just do the workbook on my own and get the same results for less money?
Maybe, however, in our experience, most people never finish the workbook on their own. We want you to have lasting freedom! Committing to a group experience will not just give you more accountability to completing the workbook but also gives you a safe space to ask hard questions and get direction and answers from someone who is an expert in this field. You also get the benefit of connecting with others on the same journey so you can find true food and body freedom.
Will this help me lose weight?

Maybe. It is never our goal to help you lose weight. It’s our goal to help you learn to trust your body and move away from diet culture, heal past rejection and fear of future rejection, so you can live out your purpose regardless of your size.

What if I’m really uncomfortable in my body and still want to lose weight?
After working with hundreds of clients we know that a fear of weight gain or desire to lose weight is a real hurdle for women to cross. We will be working specifically to help you get clear on this fear and move past it so you can stop deprivation-driven or out-of-control eating.
What if 6 pm Eastern on Mondays doesn’t work for me?

Please email us if you have suggestions for the next cohort, but this round will only meet at 6 pm Eastern and we hope that for this short time you can make arrangements to come!

What if I can’t make it to some of the meetings? Will there be recordings?
At this time there will not be recordings as we want to keep this a dedicated space for people to deeply engage live.
Is the workbook included with my registration?

The workbook is not included. You can purchase a copy here or reach out to us as we have copies available.

Do I need the Intuitive Eating book too?
We recommend you read the latest version of the book, but it is not required.
Is this appropriate for someone with an eating disorder?

Yes, Karis is trained in helping those with eating disorders.

I stopped dieting X years ago and still struggle. Will the workbook really help me?

The workbook alone MAY help you. But we find that most people need expert guidance from a trauma-informed, non-diet dietitian to make real progress in food and body freedom.

I’m still not sure if this is right for me.

Send us an email. We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you if this program is the right fit for where you’re at.

If you’ve been nodding your head while reading this, or thinking, “that’s so me” then join us today.

Friend, you don’t have to hate your body. You don’t have to feel out of control around food. You don’t have to go back to dieting.

You can experience a deeper level of freedom.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Let us support and encourage you on this journey.