Imagine what life would be like if you could finally stop worrying about your body or feeling out-of-control around food…no wait, you really can.

Becoming Seen & Safe Recovery Coaching

Recovery from chronic dieting, emotional or chaotic eating and all kinds of disordered eating is a journey of both/and.

We need the practical – getting the groceries, making sure the food is enough to get the body back into equilibrium and to not compensate for when the embodiment feels hard.

We also need the compassionate witnessing when there is the desire to restrict, binge, over-exercise, check out, etc. so that a new experience is felt and options to “stay” and not abandon become apparent in our here and now awareness.

Sounds impossible? 

It’s not with practice and co-regulation.


Becoming Safe & Seen in Recovery Coaching is tor those who need support between individual sessions or for those who can’t, at this time, access as much one-on-one as you might need, we offer food journal and co-regulation support via recovery record.

Here are the details for recovery record coaching :

  • Book a call to make sure this daily support meets your needs at
  • If you decide this is what you need to get un-stuck or go to the next level of recovery, we will do a 50 minute assessment and goal session to discuss how best to use recovery record and other sensory tools to help make eating feel safer, progress at a pace that is sustainable and connected to values.  This session is necessary a minimum of 1x per month.
  • Recovery record is reviewed once per day, sometimes with encouragement via emojis, a simple agreed upon word,  meal ideas, up to some clarifying questions to address potential struggles.
  • At the end of each month we will review goals and progress again with new goals, new tools, etc. via a zoom session.

If you have been missing this piece of consistently getting food needs met, the reassurance you are on the right track and the feedback monthly to not have progress stall, please reach out to see if Becoming Safe and Seen Recovery Record Coaching is right for you.

Payment Options Available :

Month paid in full


$160 due at 50 min.
assessment call &
$70 each week after
until paid in full