Simply getting food on the table can be a huge hurdle while also having the potential to be one of your biggest breakthroughs. 

These three videos give practical and simple actions to implement in your day for those moments when you’re standing in front of a full fridge and don’t know what to fix. We are on this journey to feel full and satisfied and getting food on the table is a great place to start.

In this video, I’m focusing on clarity around what you want to eat. Many times we end up staring at an empty fridge or cabinet or we have a full pantry and don’t know what to do with the things inside it. When this meets the idea that maybe it’s been so long since you thought about what you want or eat or you haven’t slowed down enough to recognize your needs – you can hit a wall.

Got food but won’t eat it? I find that this is because of two reasons…. 1. You pack a lunch or sit down for a meal and then you realize you don’t even want to eat that 2. You buy a lot of food and then realize you don’t want to eat it. In this video and the next few videos, I’m sharing with you tips for how to get food on the table and remain satisfied.

In dieting, you eat the same thing in the same amounts day in and day out that creates a false sense of safety. Rather, try yielding, slowing down and finding out what you really want with what you have available. And if you don’t have anything, are you willing to go get what you want?

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