Our body tends to naturally respond with fear, worry and caring about what other people think. This week’s videos are all about bringing encouragement to you to keep the faith in your recovery.
Getting stuck is inevitable and sometimes the best thing you can do is take it back to the basics. One thing I learned is that sometimes you just need to eat the food – even when you have doubts or fears. I found that when I made that choice, I always learned something.

I hope that you are encouraged to keep going.

Getting stuck is inevitable. Tune into this video for some encouragement for the journey. 

I have been so impressed by my Facebook community and how they have consistently been ‘dropping the judgement’ of themselves on their recovery journey. So today is just a simple reminder to drop the judgement and take things back to the basics.

It’s possible to feel both scared and excited at the same time, especially when we’re in the middle of something like recovery. You can feel the excitement of knowing you’re beginning to make choices for yourself and also feel scared of what other people are going to think.

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