Hi all

Oh boy is this a confusing topic.  It can be confusing because we are taught  to deprive ourselves, and in depriving ourselves that somehow makes us a better woman/man.  Without secure attachment/nurturance from safe connections to ourselves and others,  we either reject nurturance  (food) or seek it out through food.  Finally , being controlled, even by our own internalized voices of the past or in our face BS food rules makes us want to be free, so we eat ice cream for breakfast.

There is no judgment about any of these scenarios playing out with food.  We need compassion and curiosity to excavate what is happening.  I am totally all for full permission to ice cream for breakfast, in a non-judgy, I am getting clear about how come.

Today’s video is the tip of the iceberg of exploring what it may mean to be eating out of emotion, deprivation or rebellion.  They all have deeper roots to be further explored but today is about recognition and non-judgement.


Please leave your comments, realizations or desire for more clarity. Whatever we are doing with food we are speaking loud and clear about deeper conflicts.  They deserve your attention right?

Peaceful eating

Ps. I was alerted to a great  free online mindfulness course through a therapist

Check it out!  I’ve heard good feedback so far!