A differentiation between traditional healthcare/medicine and holistic health (the branch of medicine that you find intuitive eating in) is understanding and looking at every person as a multi-dimensional being.

We all have emotional, physical and mental components that all add up and contribute to our overall health.
As is often the case, we cannot afford to look at our health, food and body image recovery through a black and white lens.

Many of us have experienced trauma regarding food and body image at some point in our lives that has affected our nervous system. This is why we cannot overlook the mental and emotional components of our beings. If we don’t deal with the chronic state of fight/flight/freeze/please that our body is experiencing, we won’t be able to improve our health in food recovery. The chronic state of overwhelm is already eroding our health!

If we’re already feeling overwhelmed due to the condition of our nervous system, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start with our food recovery journey.

So I want you to ask yourself and get clear about what you want to see happen.

Then begin making a list.

And then choose 1 thing to start with.

At the end of the day we want the changes to stick so you don’t have to be doing this work forever.