I want to start out by saying, you are not a project that needs worked on or fixed.

Intuitive eating is a journey that you are being invited on.

No programs, no projects, just you becoming a compassionate witness and learning how to eat from hunger and fullness.

Now, let’s dive into deprivation-driven & emotional eating.

Deprivation-driven Eating

Deprivation-driven eating is derived from having been restricted, limited or controlled concerning the food you want/need to eat.

Who might struggle with deprivation-driven eating?
– anyone who hasn’t had free access to food
– those with a history of diet and weight cycling

If we’ve been dieting for a long time, we may only eat when we’re starving and miss the subtle cues and signals our body gives us.

However, there is beauty and nuance to the signals our body gives us before we’re starving.

Emotional Eating

As humans, we all emotionally eat from time to time.

Maybe we are celebrating with friends at our favorite restaurant. Or maybe we’re sad and want to eat some of our favorite foods. Or maybe you’re just craving something you love.

This isn’t a problem. It is part of the human experience to emotional eat.

The problem comes when it become less about a body-led experience and more about trying to change your state out of fight/flight/freeze/please.

Some characteristics of emotional eating include :
– it feels hard to stop eating even when you feel full
– feelings of comfort or soothing when you eat
– anger/shame/guilt afterwards
– eating to numb or distract