Hello dear one,

I think it so very important to remember how much of a process making peace with our bodies truly is.  
Most of us have decades of hard-wiring looking for “flaws” and even worse, been made to believe inherently
that our bodies are bad and need to be controlled.

So by you even reading these words, you are in a minority of people who have woken up and are learning
that body hatred and using shame to change the body will not get us the internal safety and love we
so long for.

Confidence and ease in our own skin is an inside job, and we can’t wait for the outside world to make
it more truly comfortable for us to do so.  In fact you feeling sovereign and inner directed, un-leashed
in liking yourself will make   some people really un-nerved.  And we can learn to stop taking responsibility 
others’ comfort level, especially as it might suppress our quality of life.

To that end, join me today as we discuss the process of learning to move from not comfortable in
one’s own skin to peace with one’s body.

If you are interested, I am also excited to offer a 1 month guided study with me through the very
powerful body image book, When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies.

 Filled with real-life stories of women using the tools to heal body image concerns, each week of
4 weeks we will meet for discussion and support by me to shift to living more positively in our bodies
and gather in support of the challenges we might face.

We will meet each week via zoom and you can choose whether you show up via audio or video.
 What I have learned in all of my years of facilitating groups is that neurobiologically, when we show
up together in support, it can rewire our brains toward mirroring more compassion towards our self
and others.  I am honored each time I witness this occur and how we CAN learn to be in community
with other women in a mutually supportive way versus the competing and comparing we have been taught.

If you are interested, the exchange for 4 weeks of group body image coaching is $100.  We start
Thurs Aug 24th at 730pm eastern; sessions will last 1 to 1.5 hours, depending how much people
share.  I will offer a secret FB group as well.

If you are ready, sign up below.  I desire for you to have a place of safety to explore and not be alone 
in your body image healing journey.  Would be happy to have you join us.

Also, enjoy the video.

Many blessings,