Hi all,
I hope you had a peaceful and restorative holiday season.  If not, let’s see what we need to shift that for you; let me know because I have learned a lot about that this year and I can joyfully say that this has been the first year of my life that the guilt monster didn’t torment me about taking some time to refresh my soul and spirit!

After all these years (almost 12 as a professional, 21 since I started ED and diet recovery) I am so grateful that we as a group are still inspiring and encouraging each other to mature in our freedom.

Because, I’ve always had the heart for service and as a teacher seeing the big picture of why we struggle, I want to hear people’s stories and create tools, comforts and supports to make the process just a bit smoother and hopeful if I can.

I think a lot about what you all would like to hear about, what free and for exchange offerings you are interested in and what will help propel you forward, living more to your fullness versus being side-tracked with food and weight worries.

I created a quick little survey to get to know you all better, where you are at on this journey and most importantly, so that you get the most out of your time here.

And to keep us progressing, I am working on a new audio and worksheet for you all, based on a client session working through fears that being okay with our bodies is too hard and how to use this tool at home.  Look out for that this month!

Thanks for taking the time for this quick survey!

Thank you so much for your feedback!  In appreciation, after you have finished this survey, I would like to offer you some time to chat with me regarding a place you would love some support around.  You can email me your question at
tracybrownrd@gmail.com or if you would like to hear my voice, I use a free app called voxer you can get on your phone.  All you do is download the app, find me, Tracy Brown RD and either type in or hold the orange button and talk and I will listen to your question and answer you back.  It’s a quick way my clients and I would do text support share pictures of meals and get feedback.

As I continue to evolve in what I learn about how we can make peace with food and weight, I want to share this with you.  The information from this survey helps me know how to help and serve you as effectively as possible and join that with the most current and effective ways for clients to get results!

Here’s to a freer, more joyful 2018!  I am honored you are here with me.