Navigating the holidays with food, people and thoughts, opinions and judgements can be challenging and triggers to say the least.

Below I’ve included 3 videos (1 new and 2 I’ve posted previously with tools and strategies on how to navigate the holiday season while in food and body image recovery.

Navigating the Holidays with Truth, not Story

Staying aligned with truth and your food recovery goals and values can be hard around the holidays, especially when the celebration and connecting is often centered around food.

If we don’t make space and yield then we’re not able to be unconnected from the story that there is nothing good here, we can’t be okay or safe and we’ll continue to see food and body as a threat.

As we’re in the holiday season, let’s determine what is the truth vs. what we think is truth but is actually just a story (programming, trauma response, etc.)

Food & Self-Care take the Brunt of our Triggers during the Holidays

Our food and self-care tend to take the brunt of our triggers and are easily affected when we feel we want to check out. Getting clear about how you want the holidays to go and knowing what feels most nourishing and settling are key.

Navigating the Holidays, Food & People

The holidays are upon us and I don’t know about you but I’ve been in uncomfortable situations where someone was making rude or inappropriate comments about body / weight where I felt like I lost my voice. It was like I suddenly didn’t know how to speak.

Here’s the thing… you have a say. You have a say to whether or not you stay in the room when people start talking like that. You have a say on how many parties you go to or what food you eat.

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