Recently I asked the question on my Facebook page “My highly sensitive friends, what overwhelms you the most when it comes to recovery?“.

So many people were vulnerable in that space and shared what they find most overwhelming.

And I’m so glad that they did.

I decided to go through the comments and address some of the main, overarching pieces in hopes to provide encouragement and a little direction for navigating these pieces that tend to cause overwhelm in food recovery.

As always, none of this is medical advice. If you would like to receive 1:1 or group care with our team, you can fill out the form for a free consultation call for us to get to know each other here.

In this video we chat about sensory processing issues and the overwhelm of eating with others.
In this video we talk about when you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing or feeling in recovery.
In this video we chat about food noise, the mental chatter around our food.