For some of us, our eating disorders and food/body issues originated from growing up in environments where there was a lot of fear, shame and/or control around food, body and weight.

Common ways we see this show up in adulthood is :

  1. a sense of fear of eating the wrong things
  2. It’s hard to take in ‘big picture health’ (i.e. you focus only on how the meal or food in front of you makes or breaks your health).
  3. Low sense of body awareness (no feelings)
  4. Feeling shame around having needs with our body
  5. Feeling fear of being told you’re doing ‘it’ (food, body, etc.) wrong
  6. Covering your body out of fear or shame

When we grow up in high control/fear environment around food, health, weight, etc. there are our most formative years. During these years, we tend to seek validation and affirmation externally from others.

When we’re exposed to diet culture at an early age, this can cause an arrested development around being able to be ourselves. We seek validation from others because we’re unable to be ourselves despite what others might think or whether or not we fit in.

So what do we do to get our agency back?
How do we begin to build back trust with ourselves and our body?

You begin to eat…consistently.

When you start to eat consistently and you build a routine around getting your needs met – you begin to create new neuropathways that tell yourself your needs are going to get met.

Let’s chat more in the 2 videos below.

Part 1 : What Happens in Adulthood when we Grow up in Fear Environments
Part 2 : Want to Get your Agency Back? Build Body Trust