Hi all,

 I hope you all are doing well.  I am a bit video-ed out so taking a break today with a message of slow down and listen.  Really listen to what you need, vs the voices of should.  That might mean different food, a day off or to gather more support or to let go of things or people that don’t serve you.

For me today that means some solitude to reflect and let creative flow through .  That only happens when I slow down, which for me used to feel extremely scary but at this point I crave.  It reminds me of how I am inherently supported and if I take the time to slow down, see how I can let others support me.

To that end, if you have not watched my Facebook live vidoes, they are available at TracyBrownRD and there to support you.  

I also have created two audios.  I am especially excited about my newest meditation, Finding a Safe Space in Your Body.  It is also about slowing down to focus on what is going right, even in times of high intensity.  Even when we don’t feel safe to fully be grounded, this audio can help you slow down your system, even if just a bit , to catch your breath and regain clarity.

If you feel called and receive these supports, please let me know how they land for you.

Til next time ,
 Allow support,