HI all

So sorry this video is late .  Lots going on with the little one entering school and schedule transitions; the dust is settling a bit now for the space to allow what wants to come through.  I am also in the midst of sharing a free training with you; more on that in a second.

Unfortunately , I feel the need to not ignore something.  Fear energy feels big right now and we are all affected whether we know it or not.  As much as I try to keep grounded , I lose connection to myself center
(often actually).  Hence one of the reasons this post didn’t get out on Wed.

If this is happening for you right now with your food, groundedness with your self-care/ health routines, feeling wobbly with self-love or alignment with the truth of your worthiness , have a listen to this weeks video and see how I personally am getting some re-alignment to self-love going.

If you don’t watch the video, no offense taken 🙂 !  Wanted to make sure you knew about my Facebook Live chats; I have 3 videos up for you to watch when you like; lots of people left good comments and got coaching on the spot so if they had the question, it might answer something for you too around food, body image or self-care.  Head over to www.facebook.com/tracybrownrd and scroll to find each one.

Okay, before the video, I want to share with you something potent I hope provides you with real progress.
 I created a 7 day, daily email series.  It’s free with actual prompts for your to take time (not too much, I promise) with explore and create some peace with one aspect of your relationship with you food and body image concerns.

CLICK HERE for your Free 7 Day Eating Attunement!

I will be popping in the secret Facebook group as part of the training each day to support you, so you won’t be on your own with the exercises.  I am excited to see you all starting next Monday, Aug 29th!!

Would love to hear about your comments regarding keeping a boundary around your energy and what “get’s through” and drains you.  As a sensitive, empathic person, this is daily living for me.  Tending my energy, recharging because I tend to give a lot out and learning how to manage it all is a practice.  Recognizing my wiring has been vital to my growth and  I am certain it will help you in all areas of your life, especially with healing your relationship with food.

Peaceful Eating!

PS:  Here is the doorway to more support….Hope to see you Monday!