I hope you are well today and feeling connected.  That’s the whole point of ditching diets right?

 I want to share with you about the power of being shocked.

Maybe you’ve experienced this.

Maybe it happens with your family, at work, in an online support group or anywhere.  Where people you think have some sense of care about their fellow human say fat phobic or inaccurate food or nutrition information that they are so convinced that it true.

You feel like you are living in a bizarro-world.  And you start to doubt yourself, feel alone and that maybe something is wrong with you.

That happened to me my first outpatient group experience in eating disorder recovery.

One of the members was complaining about a health concern (totally allowed to vent btw) but had just received information about what would help her and then proceeded to want validation for said unproductive current behaviors to fix the health concern, even though the methods would hurt her physically, emotionally and mentally.

I was thinking, “that’s hard but the old way won’t work” and was just about to say something when, BAM, the facilitator reinforced how said unhelpful (fat phobic) ways to help the health condition were understandable.  

I was holding my breath, waiting for the but.

And it never came.

I was shocked. 

And instantly felt not safe.

Here we are trying to build body trust and autonomy but the opposite was being reinforced.

The thing is I don’t want you to feel that way anymore.  I want you to use your human ability to connect and get resilient so you can have accurate signals of hunger and fullness.  

We all need a safe and brave space to voice our fears without being shamed AND get accurate, self-esteem building tools while building relationships with people who get it.

I’ve got some of those tools here in the video for you: https://zoom.us/rec/play/u5Mlf-j7qz43GNWd5QSDAqV8W9S_KKKs1ScX-PBfyhzhUSZQZFfwZbYaa-AAxCk_qfaUAK5IkGemb389

And here is the pdf if you want to look up the studies that go with the slides:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6yiflijp52cbde/IE%20Talk%202020%20pdf.pdf?dl=0

Here’s to you KNOWING that there is peace with food and weight waiting for you.  I just pray you don’t make it later instead of sooner.

Much care,


PS: If you are looking for more support,

1) Enjoy these free case studies with tips how to have freedom from food and weight worries: http://bit.ly/2IfVZp2bodypeace

2) Put to use today these action resources to help you learn about eat without being obsessed or on a diet or worrying about your weight: www.tracybrownrd.com/free-gifts

3) Introduce yourself here: https://www.tracybrownrd.com/get-started. I love hearing from people about where you've come from and what your dreams are for full freedom from weight and food worries.

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