Oh my friends,

Life changed so so fast!

And I know it is triggering all of us.

When will I get my routine back?

I lost my job/decreased income.

I am worried about my health.

I never planned on homeschooling!

I miss xyz.

And do you know what is the actual underlying thing that is making us want to

NOT EAT (put off eating, cut corners, tell yourself you don’t deserve it)

EAT all the things (even things you don’t want)

PACE the house because the sensations feel too much

NOT get out of bed because what’s the point?

It is all about UNCERTAINTY.

And uncertainty can feel like to our fight, flight, freeze or please systems like there is a threat to our survival.

The tricky thing about these times is that we do have to take precautions to protect our health.

BUT….. this has nothing to do with our deservingness, who we are or our weight.

And yet, diet culture is slipping it’s dirty tentacles into this crisis by possibly limiting access to care for larger body folks, so OF COURSE people are once again made to feel like they body is a problem.

And hoarding of supplies can make people feel like their lack all over again

And being lack of physical contact can bring up those feelings of alone-ness.

So threat is the body’s response.

All of this makes it so so tempting to go back to restricting and EARNING your right to exist because it may have felt that way in the past or been true.

But dear ones, you do have a choice. I know it is a hard choice to NOT do the old autopilot thing to “fix: emotional eating with restricting. To shift your nervous system state or emotions with not eating what you know deep down your body needs.

And you can diet again.

But when the dust settles on all of this, we still will have these wondrous bodies that just want to keep you alive to truly do what you are here to do beyond survival.

What it takes today is willingness to be compassionate for the overwhelm you might feel but NOT blame/shame the slowness you need, the comfort you need, the food you need.

And if you are in this journey of healing from food and weight worries, you are daily uncoupling your emotions from the body signals of hunger and fullness, understanding that it is okay to eat emotionally but that it doesn’t ‘fix the fear/shame or anger, etc. and you are learning here the phrases

“What is this and can I be with it?” and applying that to hunger/fullness/satisfaction/appetite and other body sensations the best you can.

And then you are laying on the floor.

Eating lunch with me or a friend online.

You are using your hot pad during meals on your kidneys to remind your body something is here for you.

And recognizing that yes, diet culture sucks, for adding stress to an already stressful situation.

This situation is hard. We contain all of our past and current stressors in the body and the body is the container.

Instead of shrinking the container and being afraid of the world, let us grow our capacity together.

If you have been thinking this is exactly the right time, while you have less commute time,

* to learn how to use the food you have (while not having the pressure of cooking all the time)

* learning how to soothe your nervous system

* grow some body appreciation,

I have 5 spots open for DAILY connection with me to essentially turn this time of overwhelm to one where you can come out of this with more tools than ever before. Needing reassurance? Text me. Lots to process?. We will have a full session every week. Need to hear a voice in between that yes, feeding yourself is the right thing, lets eat and chat.

No fancy sign up pages, just email me at tracybrownrd@gmail.com  if you are interested.

Stay connected. Hiding reinforces that old neuropathway of “I am too much/I feel too much”.

Many virtual hugs,


PS: If you are looking for more support,

1) Enjoy these free case studies with tips how to have freedom from food and weight worries: http://bit.ly/2IfVZp2bodypeace

2) Put to use today these action resources to help you learn about eat without being obsessed or on a diet or worrying about your weight: www.tracybrownrd.com/free-gifts

3) Introduce yourself here: https://www.tracybrownrd.com/get-started. I love hearing from people about where you've come from and what your dreams are for full freedom from weight and food worries.

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