My question for you this week friends is, ‘If the movement you’re doing or think you ‘should’ be doing didn’t change anything on the outside of your body, would you still do it?

My encouragement to you is to see movement for the gift it is and to not focus on the things you are unable to do.

My hope is that these videos this week cause you to ask yourself questions concerning movement.

Stay curious, friends!

As you watch this video, notice your thoughts

and your internal experiences below the neck.
Now compare to reality as you watch it again.
We are born to move.
We can’t all move the same or in the way we once could but we are wired to be in relationship to the world with our bodies and our bodies help us sense who and where we are relatively safe enough.
We’ve untangled enough conditioning to know that the body is not the problem.
Let’s be like baby here and use our bodies to thrive