Hi all,

I hope you all are well.

I made a little video for you regarding emotional and binge eating.  I feel sensitive about this topic because I hid that part of my eating disorder for too long and I don’t want you to hide about it one second longer.  The secrecy kept me stuck in it for way too long.

Binging doesn’t mean you are messed up, sick, broken.  

You needed to eat to soothe, calm, push away the mad, scared or sad….. generally move away from those feelings, circumstances and sensations that have been overwhelming to your system.  

As tempting as it is to go back to dieting or be harsh on yourself for emotional eating or binging, this won’t change the neuralpathways to want to binge when things feel uncomfortable.

What does work is breaking free from diet mentality and work towards body appreciation and neutrality.  

What helps is bringing awareness about how you talk to yourself around food, self-care and what you believe you are worth.

What heals is recognizing with compassion, curiosity and courage that you began emotional eating and binging when you didn’t know what else to do and  that you can build other ways in your life.  It’s not that emotional or binge eating is inherently bad, it is just one way to help ourselves and it just isn’t going to work that often or that well for long.

What brings wholeness is being open to other people who are safe and understand, so that you can build healthy attunement to yourself through doing it with another.

To get you started beyond intuitive eating (I hope you are using my hunger and fullness guide to help you with this), I wanted to make sure you have this full-body tool to help you as a daily “tune-in” to help you re-wire your system towards calm.


Much love