Hi there,

Food is pleasure, connection, necessary, fuel and building blocks of life.

Yet, people love, hate and obsess about food.


Well,  because of it’s importance to survival and connection, we naturally are going to think about it daily.

But…. when we elevate it to idol status as a way to manage how we feel about life, ourselves and what other’s think about us, how we think food works is going to get dysmorphic.

Yes, how we eat has some say in our health.  And how we feel.

But sometimes, doing all the things the gurus and experts say isn’t going to fully fix how our feel, physically or mentally.

And that is not your fault because you just didn’t do it right long enough or perfectly.   In fact, the stress of that is probably going to make us sicker.

It’s that food has it’s limits when it comes to determining our health and well-being.

Especially when we elevate it more than our personal histories with stress, lack of connection and safety.

I hope this helps you take a step back from the perfectionism that the black and white simplistic way of looking at nutrition health can create, and take a closer look at all the things that might be impacting your wellness and what is in your control and honestly what is not.

The relief that alone will reduce your stress.

Enjoy the video as I talk even further about the nuances of health and nutrition!

Much care,

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