Today’s post will be short but if you take some time to think about the message, powerful it will be for you.  Better yet, take some time to journal and allow yourself to listen to the quiet voice inside that has guidance for you to follow for more freedom.

The manner in which you feed yourself mirrors the way you life life.

What you allow in; What and Whom you say YES or NO to.

Is how you talk to yourself about food and weight in alignment with who you know deep down you are?

How do the stories you tell yourself about your eating and body differ from what you want?  And has
fighting your body’s needs ever gotten you what you really wanted?

Which goes deeper into how much of your life feels free?  Whose stories have you taken in that have
taken your power and freedom (whether you gave your power away or it felt forced still deserves your compassion).

What are you willing to release (even the tiniest grain of ) to be more you and free?

Would love to hear your musings or epiphanies below.

Until next time, keep ignoring the diet advertising and stay Attuned!