When we have decided to start on the journey towards recovery from eating disorders or breaking free from dieting, I don’t know how many of us got the heads up, “Hey it’s worth the work, but you are going to feel worse sometimes before you feel better”.  I am hope I am not the first one to let you know.

Even if you have been on this path for a while, there might be portions of becoming an attuned eater that trip you up from time to time.  And most of us know that it can take a long time to not be affected by the messages that thinner is inherently better.

So I guess I am saying that I want you to know that it is normal to feel sad, anxious and frustrated as you make the brave decisions to follow your meal plan even though it might make you anxious.

And I know it can be frustrating when you do not want to compare yourself but you do anyway.

I want to tell you that I don’t think eating each meal has to be so hard and I think enjoyment of food and your body is a birthright that you can rediscover.

To help you at least get closer to how you might want to feel all the time with eating (content, relaxed, open, joyful, empowered, free, etc), I have a gift for you.

Click here to get your        How to Stay Focused on Why You Want                  Freedom From Food Worries and Body      Preoccupation

And to go along with this handout, please listen to the audio to get more of an idea on how to put this handout to good use.  Click on the YELLOW audion acrobat box below to download 

On the bottom of the handout I also put a link to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, where you can design beautiful reminders of how you WANT to feel, not just get stuck on what isn’t going right.

The whole point of this exercise is to get and stay focused on the “how come” of taking risks with food, why you are buying clothes that fit the body you have and why you are doing the hard things that being free from food and weight worries requires of you.

Please let me know how this tool works for you.  If you have questions, leave a comment here or on www.facebook.com/tracybrownrd and I will provide as much clarity as I can.

Best Wishes for Peaceful Eating!