When we get down to it, one of the true costs of pursuing freedom through normative eating and body positivity is that not everyone will get it. And that’s not on you. Many times it’s because of their own issues, traumas and things they need to deal with. Unfortunately, that can be projected on you as you choose to step outside of the status quo and pursue true freedom for yourself.

In this week’s video series, I’m providing support for those of you who find yourself feeling lonely, alone and without community on this journey towards loving yourself more. 

It Seems Like I’m Alone

In this video, we’re focusing on the difference between being alone and feeling lonely on the journey to normative eating.

Finding Your People

In this video of the series, The Cost of Freedom, we’re talking about finding the people you need to surround yourself with instead of going back to those who are still in diet culture. At some point, we will ALL need encouragement, reassurance and help, and who you turn to in those moments is key.

When (My) People Don’t Get It

We all want ‘our people’ to support us and with us on any journey in our life. It can be really challenging and hurtful when they don’t. If you find yourself in that place, I hope this video encourages you.

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