My message to you is short today.  Whether you are winding down for a break or looking for ways to fill your time,  please do make your self-care a priority.  

Where can you take breaks from the intensity of emotions and  how can you make sure you remember to check in before meals to eat what will be satisfying?

If you need help with some of this, I am offering my Holiday Help for Eating Worries until Dec 25th.  With planning exercises to make following up with self-care easier and guidance to eat in a way that feels manageable for the next 2 weeks whether you are at the Intuitive Eating stage or not quite there yet.

Next week I will have a lot to say about surviving the upcoming invasion into your space of diet commercials, New Year’s resolutions that say if you just lost weight, you would be a better you and all related nonsense.

Until then, whether you are celebrating a holiday or not, negotiating the space of increased energy around you or awaiting some sort of transition with the ending of the year, remember you deserve peace with food and your body and all efforts are worth it to even have another molecule of freedom from the constriction of food preoccupation.