Hi all, 
Happy Friday!  It’s been a busy several months and I have so much new to share.  If you are a
subscriber you will be getting all the details next week.  For those who like to pop in here
every once and a while and don’t get my letters, no worries.  This announcement is here for everyone.

I have created a new, based on client success, small and comprehensive ways to do the somatic, attuned 
eating work I so adore and that helps people from all over the world make peace with food and weight and 
feel better in and about their bodies.

To start, here is my new free gift, Stop Body Bashing! tool:   https://tracybrownrd.lpages.co/opt-in/

If you love it and want to carry on, I also created a 6 series audio set on how to get grounded to
better listen to and honor signals of hunger and fullness!

Finally, if you want the step by step I use in one on one sessions from your home and not quite
able or ready to work with me personally, ( I was there once) I created an
Attuned Eating for Attuned Living School for you!

Just $42/month  tracybrownrd.lpages.co/self-study-membership-site/

If you have questions about how it all works or just want to say hello, I am here at tracybrownrd@gmail.com

Many Blessings and Peaceful Eating,