I hope you are well and compassionately giving yourself the time and grace you need to look beyond the tapes in your mind that say “You are eating too much/ You are too much”.

I hope you don’t give up on yourself when it feels like this process is a roller-coaster (because it is sometimes) but know it’s worth the effort because you are worth the effort.  Every person reading this  has a purpose and has way more to offer life than what the voices of “have to be thinner to be good enough” say.

I want to offer you some new and re-done and improved tools to help you on this journey because I know of a very few people who totally figure this out on their own.

I tried and the process drug out way too many years before I had to do some way more radical things than Intuitive Eating (like eating cookie dough all day every day for weeks) to learn to trust myself even a little.

I want to save you some time and panicked moments.


My new free offering of decoding body bashing moments is here.

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The new gift will lead you to several offerings like my getting grounded audio meditation series to use on a daily basis as well as access to my Attuned Eating for Attuned Living School where you will get access to Intuitive Eating skills, Body Image healing, somatic exercises to help a stressed out mind and body and are PTSD and trauma safe as well as interviews from from people like Ragen Chastain, Anna Guest Jelly and many other super talented experts.

I will be talking more about it in the coming weeks, just wanted you all to be the first to know!!

On to this week’s post…….

It is interesting how, as we work towards more “normalcy” with eating, we still need to navigate the how of getting our food needs meet.  There is no right way to do it, but in two videos I want to discuss with you some nuances you might want to think about so you can become less stressed about the how of getting your self fed.

Remember, the how of the way you cook more or not at all right now may not be what you do in 2 months or two years.  Reassure yourself that you will be going through lots of phases as a competent care-taker of yourself, so that if you are eating out a lot more or eating more pre-pared food, that just may be what needs to happen right now to make progress.

Enjoy this video and this video and leave your comments or questions below!

Much care,

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