Hi all,

This was a challenging post for me to write.  Not because of what I am going to say or that it may be hard for some to hear.  It’s because it is easily heard by some as to mean  that nutrition doesn’t matter at all.

So a reader asked me to address this and  I happily shall.  The reader (I am summarizing her question), “I care very much about where our food comes from and that companies add non-food things to our food.  I avoid certain foods because I don’t want to give money to companies whom  I don’t agree with ethically.  How does this jive with Intuitive Eating”

I think this is a fair question.  If we have strong moral views on something, are we restricting?  For today, we will not be talking about veganism, but food supply concerns.

My very truest feeling is that for most people in early stages of recovery/in the intuitive eating process, learning how to ground ourselves, be connected to our hugners, preferences, shoring up support and tools and disconnecting from diet culture is goal number one.  

It is nearly impossible to freely eat with nutrition or food sourcing in mind if we are still caught up in fear eating based on health or weight.  

So I do think some of us, as much as that might pain some of you to hear, need to put decision making on what companies you might purchase from on the back burner, just like we do desire for weight loss.   I know I get so ticked at companies like Kellogg and the Special K advertisements.  In the past have gotten products from them, yes.  I don’t as much now, but  I am in a place where I can get the same kinds of foods with no trigger.

I am not saying you are not right with your beliefs of some companies manipulating people, but is your fear or anger keeping you trapped with food?

 If the answer is yes, are there places you can compromise a bit so that you have the emotional space to learn more about what your body can or would like to eat and the many other 100’s of bits of feedback we might get in a day.

If you are reading this and this feels hard, I totally understand.  Your concerns are important.  Maybe you can bypass eating twinkies and not feel your recovery is being slowed down or harmed.  

Some people cannot though and need to let it all go and focus more on being aligned with their bodies, making all foods accessible so that they ALL can become neutral.  

Feeling resentful when eating something you don’t like because we refuse to give money to a company that makes it doesn’t feel so good.  I wonder what it would feel like to really focus on how your body handles it and as the body gives your more feedback, make your decision from a place of body wisdom combined with neutrality, such as “hmmm I like the twinkies okay, but  I could really take it or leave it.  And I am not fond of purchasing from this company anyway for xyz reason, so I think  I will rarely, if ever, buy them again”.

My final thought is, do what is truly allowing the food rules and worries go.  Time in this process will give you many more opportunities to change how you eat and shop; you don’t have to do it all today.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Peaceful Eating,