Hello my dear ones,


Thank you for this space in your inbox.  I hope you had chance to take in all the videos I sent you last week.

It’s a fun, natural mode for me to share what I hope is helpful to you.  I am always open to hearing more about what you feel called to transform in your relationship with food and weight and what is in service towards your embodiment in this life.

I wanted to share with you a few pictures from my weekend break with my husband for our 13th wedding anniversary that I referenced in last weeks “My last diet” post.

We went to St. Louis, MO, where we lived 13 years ago when I was doing my year long internship that is between the undergrad studies and testing for licensure to become is required to become a dietitian.  Arduous and a hazing experience to say the least, even though I do not regret it.

We wanted to go back and find where we used to live, eat and hang out, plus experience the new neighborhoods showcasing the food and culture of a revitalizing area and even be tourists (yeah, we went up in the arch and visited the best zoo in the country).

One of the most special moments was in these pictures.  The family run, make the donuts as you walk in the door place we frequented many a Sunday morning was still there, being run by the same people!  I was beyond thrilled.  Such good memories of when I was barely paying rent but could afford
a melt in your mouth, airy donut mixed with my current ability to be so attuned to hunger and fullness
and fully trust my body.  It was a $2.00 miracle!!!

I share all of this with you to remind you that you can be this free.  I also want to share the details of how I ate so freely and what I wanted to really enjoy these donuts (plus other delicious food later; HELLOOOO Salt and Smoke in the Loop).

Enjoy the video!

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My most sincere wish for us all is to live the life we desire free from food and weight concerns.

In service and gratitude,