This blog post is a little bit different than what I normally do.

I recently asked my Facebook followers what are the thoughts they have that aren’t helpful, don’t want to actually admit, that they know aren’t help but keep believing again and again.

I was amazed at the amount of people who chose to be vulnerable and share the thoughts that are in their head.

So I wanted to do this series of videos and give encouragement and insight to each thought/person that was represented.

In the videos below you will find the thoughts. Some have been combined if there were similar.

I do want to note that I cannot know nuance or intention in any of these. I realize that I may be off in how I perceive these thoughts. Additionally, none of this is medical or dietary advice. These videos stand to be encouragement to you if you’re experiencing similar thoughts in your own head.

Thoughts Covered :
• ‘I feel fat in clothes I normally love and feel comfortable in.’
• ‘I feel my husband is grossed out by my body / belly.’
• ‘I’m ugly, fat and will never feel good again.’
• ‘What other people think about how I physically change matters too much to me.’
• ‘I can’t look good in the body I have now.’
• ‘I judge other bodies just as much as I have always been judged.’

Thoughts Covered :
• ‘I’m not attractive unless I have a flat stomach.’
• ‘My larger body is the cause of all my health issues.’
• ‘If I was doing ‘it’ right, I would be smaller.’
• ‘If I lost weight, I would be happier.’
• ‘If I just lose this weight, everyone will be happy with me.’
• ‘Being thin keeps me safe.’

Thoughts Covered :
• ‘My weight is causing my health issues like migraines and fibromyalgia.’
• ‘I’m getting old.’
• ‘People must think I”m lazy because of my size.’

Thoughts Covered :
• ‘My physical issues are attributed to my weight.’
• ‘If I lost weight, my life would be better.’
• ‘My belly is a detractor, it’s the first thing people notice.’

Thoughts Covered :
• ‘I don’t deserve to eat until I’m full because I will gain weight and others will think I’m a bad person.’
• ‘I’m a freak of nature because I’m overweight.’