I am pleased to bring you a special guest today to the blog.  Dr. Kiona Subramnium is a MD and certified Functional Medicine physician in Gainesville FL.  She is the beautiful bridge between conventional and functional medicine and believes in the wisdom and power of the body, in it’s desire to heal and champions our own individual role in learning to honor and listen to our bodies.  

We discuss stepping away from the internet and the opinions of every guru online (not saying they are all wrong but it’s not black and white when it comes to what foods help or harm any one person, and certainly most people can strengthen their body back to more variety of foods again).

We believe you can do attuned eating while making dietary or try other strategies.  The trick is to not get too attached as you experiment.  And using dietary changes is no cover for using food restriction to manipulate body size; if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that any food restriction used in that way is going to induce weight regain ~95% of the time.  Plus nutrient deprivation when your body needs them more than ever.

​Please let us know in the comments below what your experiences have been with trying to honor your body with using food as a healing tool .  The more people engage, the more we can reply with further posts to provide clarity.



Please visit Dr. Kiona Subramanium at www.Deeprootshealth.com

She can help you in or out of Gainesville FL.  All you have to do is visit her in person one time a year .

She is the first certified functional medicine doctor in Gainesville, FL.  Better than all the letters after her name though you will get a caring, non-body-judging, compassionate and thorough human being to guide

you in tending to what your body is asking of you.

Referenced in the audio were a few resources for general guidance, including Chris Kresser and Jeffery Bland.

Hope you enjoyed the interview.

Until next time, Peaceful Eating,