I wish in my recovery I had had someone tell me to, ‘stop messing around, don’t wait anymore, you can do this.’  If you have no one else telling you that right now, I’m here to be that person.  

Now is always the best time to be authentic and to be true to yourself, no longer letting the fears of approval and ‘what ifs’ keep us back and keep us from living the life we can envision for ourselves. 

This week’s topics may not be the most popular ones I have ever done but it is 100% needed. I think we have all realized in this year (2020) that we can’t take things for granted and it’s time to get off the fence in your food recovery.  

Over on my Facebook page, Tracy Brown, RD, this week, I asked the question, ‘What is something you’ve done for your recovery you would do 10X over again now?’.

I loved seeing all the responses! You guys are amazing and showing up and doing the work. I couldn’t be more proud. 

If you haven’t had a chance to join in on that conversation, head over to my Facebook page and let us know what you’ve done that has worked well for you!


This video is for all of you who have been watching my videos and following me for some time…it’s time to get authentic. What is it time for you to say goodbye to so that you can be authentically yourself? I’m encouraging you in this video to let your fears grow and transform you in this season rather than hold you back.


This video is this week’s follow up to ‘Now is the Time – No More Distractions’ video. Go check it out first if you haven’t watched it yet. That video was my encouragement to you to get going and make the necessary changes in your life. In this video, I give you 3 things that will help you ‘get going’ and make the necessary changes – priorities, relationships & rest and play.

One of the priorities I mention in this video is about relationships. My encouragement to you is to find, at least, one person who is non-toxic and who can help you co-regulate. What we end up doing is determining that no one is safe and therefore we attach to diet culture because it feels like the only ‘safe’ and ‘known’ thing to us. If you need help finding that person, please consider joining my Peaceful Eating Community. We meet regularly and would love to partner with you on your journey. 


This video wasn’t meant to be a part of this week’s series and is a video I pulled out of the vault… Fast forward to 3:50 to get to the start of the content.

Don’t go at this alone. We talk about: Breaking free from food rules, rebellion and deprivation driven eating, please pleasing , not eating enough , eating to feel grounded Healing the “All bodies are good bodies but mine “ trap , aka, actually making peace Decoding “I feel fat” or “I gotta have that” to giving ourselves the care we need Confidence to be our own nutrition and fitness experts And neurosensory exercises to build capacity for managing stress and emotions.