For so many of us we can get into modes of over or under hyper activity leading to chronic stress and tiredness. You know the feeling when you’re really tired but feel wired ALL the time? You can’t quite turn off your brain long enough to rest and find peace in your day. This can affect many areas of our life including our eating.  I’ve spent the last 10 years learning about the poly-vagal theory and it is at the foundation of all my dietitian and somatic eating work.

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If we fail to surrender and rest, we’ll collapse as chronic over/under activation which will leave you always tired. For today, stop and tell yourself ‘We’re not doing that today’ and just be. Ask yourself, ‘What resources do I have today that make it feel safe to slow down?’ 


Chronic stress. Fight or flight. Most of us have been there at some point in our lives or are currently living in this place. Your sympathetic response to chronic stress in your nervous system can cause a variety of different symptoms for being mobilized for too long. In this video I mention my shame reduction tool. You can find that here :


Dissociation often comes with negative connotations but often times it is an okay response to trauma and it’s your body doing what it needs to do to survive. But can we experience dissociation when eating and you’re eating just to feel something – of course! How can you get out of the dorsal area of your mind that you’ve maybe been in for too long? Gentle movement is key.

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