Hello Dear Ones,

I want to let you all know I am so grateful for this space in your inbox.  I don’t take seasoned and new readers for granted and each week I hope that these posts bring hope, paradigm-shifting and inspiration to continue on your journey towards freedom from food and weight worries.  Even reading this posts is an act of self-love!

I was humbled to capture this moment of innocense and curiosity on Sunday.  It reminded me of the perfection we all felt at some point in our lives about our bodies.  We may not have held on to body satisfaction long but it was there, which makes me have faith that we can rediscover an adult version of body neutrality, to body acceptance then ultimately on to loving our bodies.

If you are struggling with body neutrality and body acceptance, consider:

1)  You were not born hating your body; this was learned therefore we hit the jackpot–we can unlearn this!

2)  You were not born trying to earn acceptance with your body size; You were taught that this was a way to get people to like you however we have always known deep down this caused us heartache.

3) Trying to get your body smaller when it causes disconnection with your higher self, loss of time and experiences, pain in relationships and stuckness in your life isn’t what you came here for…..

Something powerful to think about is that when you are having a hard time not restricting or binging or even have thoughts of “my body isn’t okay”, consider yourself at 3 years old.  How would you treat her/him? I have to believe if you were feeling sad, mad or scared at 3 years old, you would not starve, stuff or body bash that part of yourself.  

Please give yourself the nuturance and love you deserve.  Even if eating disordered symptoms or dieting seem like, and may even be a short term solution, they cannot recreate the love and being heard we really need.  Having a smaller body or the perfect diet will not give you the presence and power we desire to feel at peace.

Recovery comes down to not waiting til to you all the answers to how come you are struggling or a different body to provide the compassion you need to be empowered and return to the curiosity of really living your life.

I will leave you today with a poem I found.  May it inspire you to take risks to be your own food expert and therefore be in charge of your life.


when you stop 

cramming your life

with what matters little

just to fill what’s empty 

you romance the void

melt to zero

taste God’s lips

and draw 

All that can make

your heart 


Tosha Silver

Much Love