Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. ~Martin Luther King,Jr.

If you have been trying to “watch your weight” any length of time, it can be very scary letting go of trying to control every last morsel of food.  We have been taught we can’t trust ourselves or our bodies to know how much to eat.  Or even if you believe that your body knows how to manage its weight, you believe you won’t  like what your body might look like if you didn’t restrict or diet.

All of this is learned and greatefully can be unlearned.  There are many tools and exercises that “work” to help us learn trust n our bodies.  However, without faith that there has to be an end to the body loathing madness we believe to be the only way to live, we stick with what is familiar, which is fear. 

So before we go worrying about the how’s, let’s start with “I believe and I desire it”

I would life to hear from you.  What kind of fatih got you pursuing a life without body hatred and food obession?  What did it take for you to take the risk to intuitive eating?

As always, much love,