Something that I am very grateful this Eating Disorder Awareness Week is the acknowledgement that eating disorders, and I will add food and weight preoccupation, come in varied packages.

Young, middle and older aged.  Small, medium and large sized.  Any gender, race and background.  

Those of us who have struggled know this.  I remember some of the hardest times I had in recovery were after I got re-nourished.  I didn’t “look” like I had an eating disorder, but yet the body image concerns, fears that people would judge my body and food rules were loud, but couldn’t be “seen”  

I imagine because you are reading this, you know something about all this too.  One of my greatest pleasures is being a coach and mentor to those in recovery who have gotten to the weight their body naturally needs to be.  Why that is so important to me is because that is when the level of empowerment in one’s life can skyrocket.  

You have made it past the point of normalizing your food and you are becoming a beacon that people are drawn to.  By being free with food and at peace with your body, you are educating those around you that eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes and recovery comes in all shapes and sizes too.

Much love,