Hi all,

Let’s talk about that piece of metal (if you don’t weigh yourself but you use checking by your clothes or that fitbit  to monitor yourself that counts in here too).  

It’s a topic we love to hate.  Our days are ruled by what the number says. If my weight is down, it’s going to be a good day and I can feel good.  If it up or even the not down we feel sad, worried or depressed.  

I am also going to take a little segway here.  Maybe we aren’t has concerned about our weight as much as we used to be, but we still “check”  anyway.  The thought is that “I want to make sure…. I’m just curious”.

Some might say, “what’s the big deal if I check every once in while.  Isn’t it good to know where you are”?

Knowing what your weight is actually is not necessary.  We went hundreds of years not knowing as home scales were only available in the middle of the last century.  And of course without knowing their weight on a week to week basis people did gain weight from the time they were born until the died.  People’s bodies regulated it’s own weight in an environment of attuned eating.

Also, medically, there are only a few instances of use of the number is valid (aesthesia, iv anitbiotics for example) so when we are weighed at doctors offices past our growth years as a child, there is no medical use.  

Okay that fact aside,  we know that our bodies do not change much from one day to the next, although we all have a small range we fluctuate in daily. When we know this but we still feel scared to trust in this, especially if your food intake is relatively the same, wanting to weigh really says more about feeling emotionally uncomfortable and soothing this feeling is the function of wanting to weigh.

What I am saying is this.  When we are feeling like we need to see the number, we are saying internally we feel uncomfortable and are looking for certainty, relief, distraction and activity to move away from how we are feeling.

We aren’t bad or wrong for this, however, it is an opportunity for growth and healing before we get on the scale to be curious about how we are actually  feeling, so that the piece of metal can be neutralized.  We can then get on with excavating what is not working from our past or present and be more embodied in all of our experiences.

This decoding work is some of my favorite to do with people.  We get to learn what it is we really want, who we are and why we want to continue to be on this path of healing.

If you would love more info about how to do this work, email me at tracybrownrd@gmail.com and free yourself from the trance of the scale today!

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So much love!!
​Tracy ​