Holding onto weight worries keeps us in a cycle of the past – one where we fear rejection and judgment. Being able to re-frame how we’re feeling when we say, ‘I feel fat’, and recognizing that not everyone is a safe place to ‘let it all hang out’, we can set ourselves up for success and letting go of expectations of others to always need to understand what we’re going through. This week’s videos address weight worries and how if we don’t, we won’t walk in true freedom or true recovery. 

If We Don’t Address Weight Worries, You Only Have Faux Recovery

Not everyone or every where is a place to ‘let it all hang out’. We need to frame how we’re feeling when we say, ‘I feel fat’ and is the person we’re talking to understanding of what we actually mean when we say that. We miss out on a lot when we make weight loss the ‘be all, end all’.

Speaking to Smaller Body People…

In this video, I’m speaking to the smaller body people in recovery. Can I ask you a question? What is so bad about larger bodies that you would be unable to experience joy or navigate through life? I don’t ask that question harshly but for you to look into yourself and ask, who do I know myself to be?’


How Hating Fat is Holding onto the Past

Whether you’re in a small body and fear being fat or if you’re in a larger body and are hating yourself, have you considered how hating fat can be holding onto the past and holding onto fear, rejection or judgement?