Hi all 

I probably answer this question many times a week in some fashion.  It’s not good to keep what I want all the time is it?  What about fruit and vegetables?  What about eating “healthy”?

If we can be really honest with ourselves, the majority of the time we are eating these “healthy” foods because they are low in calories, not because we like or always want them in the ways we eat them.

Today, let’s talk about allowing the process of Intuitive Eating to run its course.  Sometimes we need to let go of all the rules and guidelines we’ve been taught and focus on healing the deprivation of not eating what we wanted or trusted ourselves with foods we didn’t let ourselves eat.

I know that not all of us struggle with the fruit and vegetable worry; sometimes we are stuck on “clean eating”, which I have talked about in another post.  However, I think these principles still apply.

Giving ourselves full permission to eat freely, experiment with food to find the meal mix that suits us best and enjoy all foods again is what will help us come around to wanting a variety of foods, including fruit and vegetables, without the shoulds

Enjoy the video where I talk about my own journey from restricting/binging to no fruit and vegetables to finally some peace with food!

Please connect with me if I can help you get there too!