I hope you are well! Just want to make sure you didn’t miss out on on all the latest somatic non-diet attuned eating coaching going on this week.

This week over on Facebook and Youtube, we chatted on the deeper worries so many of us struggle with in regards to exercise.

Some of the discussions with food included:


How do we get out of the all or nothing?

What do we do when movement feels hard or hurts?

And what can I do if I enjoy movement, but it seems like I don’t look like the “ideal” of what “fit” looks like?

It absolutely takes time to learn to use movement for strength and vitality, not as a calorie burning tool. You many not know this about me, but I was once a personal trainer and witnessed how movement just makes people more attuned with their hunger and increases calorie needs, so it’s a terrible strategy to try to lose weight, contrary to what the fitness industry touts.

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Finally I will leave you to think on this and invite your discussion.

How can you “do” this?

To move for consistency and body honoring, catch and soften the “all or nothing “

That’s the diet mentality way of moving.

We are becoming people who work with the bodies we have, not the bodies that are products of not feeling good enough.

Till next time,

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