I want you to do one thing this week.  Think about this:

Freedom from the oppression of dieting is about getting clear on the desire to weigh less.

Just start where you are. Be curious and open that it’s not just about weighing less so you don’t have to buy new clothes. Or it’s easier in a lot of the ways to “fit in”.

BTW it IS harder in a larger body to have access to clothes, to utilize resources, chairs, transportation and  to be FULLY SEEN as a HUMAN; the list goes on. That is fully grieved by me and one of the reasons I speak out about these biases.


Weighing less is less about what you think your body can’t do at a certain weight but more about dealing with a culture that doesn’t really care about the natural diversity of humans in regards to size, about what we say we value and what we actually show we value and how wounded most of us are and we are taught to pursue external things to contain the wound.  

How many times have we seen in ads, Go from tired and frumpy to happy and confidence with xyz plan/pill/potion, etc?

If you were to trust your body and get to know it and yourself, your courage is going to trigger other people’s fear of having not yet done the same.  It will make others feel guilty because people DO know deep down that judging others is wrong.

If you were to burn the bridge to trying to purposefully lose weight or avoid your more natural weight , you WILL find that healing and restoring the scared parts that used weight and eating as a way to ground yourself is much easier.

That’s uncomfortable. But you’re up for it.  Keep your eyes on true health, which is the care you give yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Not the faux health of using a certain body size to try to earn the world’s approval or avoid the wounds of being human.

With much compassion and love,

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Enjoy the Video where I talk more about slowing down with this to get somewhere: