Is it really the food sensations or feelings that feel too much or is it actually what those sensations / feelings mean?

Image text states Too Much, Not Enough.

When you start to focus on something (maybe food), slow down or start to yield – what happens?

Do you become scared, irritable or possibly start to check out?

The next part of that is, when you slow down to feel your hunger, what does your mind tell you about it?

What does your mind tell you about being mildly hungry, hungry or very hungry? What does it tell you about being slightly full, full or overly full?

None of these things are moral issues. But often times we assign a value system to these words, what they mean and how we feel when we experience them.

What’s important for us to learn is to recognize when we feel the food is the problem vs. the sensations and feelings vs. what those sensations and feelings mean.

We get to do this when we’ve learned how to unglue ourselves from what we’re experiencing and see objectively (while being a compassionate witness!) and determine what those sensations are trying to tell you.

A step further with this is what happens when we struggle with body dysmorphia and no matter what we know factually about our body, we see if completely different.

Tune in to this week’s videos posted below to learn more about food sensations and what they mean.