It’s easy to stay in our heads about how to go about Intuitive Eating.  We tend to do a lot of faux permission because we’re afraid.

I Want to encourage you although that we often have to let the rules go to get to the equilibrium we want.

Not saying eat whatever and feel bad.

But eating so that you’re body trusts you’re not playing around so you can build trust. This is a relationship with ourselves after all.

Here are a couple of ways to do this:

1) purposeful create challenges of x number of desserts per day or week. Not as a limitation but as a goal.

For me I obsessed about them so I told myself I needed to have one at dinner unless I really didn’t want it. I also told myself I could have something at lunch too.

2). I often had snacks of deserts and even occasionally for a meal if I couldn’t stop thinking about them. This really took the specialness away.

There are many other ways to experiment so don’t limit  yourself. If you’re feeling stuck, please let me know and we’ll chat to figure out individual solutions for you.

Remember, half way permission to eat gets us a good way, but burning that bridge to off limits foods or amounts keeps us with one foot in what’s Possible and one foot in the past.

I understand it’s scary. But you’ve been doing it the way you know for a long time. You know how to diet, why not try something else for a while?

What holds you back?  

Let me know in the comments or message me and I’ll tell you your next step.



Watch here as I talk more about this and some things I tried to make peace with food: