Hi there!

I know my audience here is mix of people from 5 years ago and as early as today who are joining me. In that case, it’s always good to do reminder posts everyone once and a while to build our intuitive eating base as well as do a little check in for those of us more experienced.

If you are fresh to IE it’s going to be really important to find a mix of a couple of variables and ways in to focus on and that all individual based on one’s history and relationship with food and most pressing needs.

This list is not a complete, but a good place to start.

Here is a list of the Foundations you can work toward putting in your day to calm some of the overwhelm:

1) work on slowing down and getting the hang of your personal signals of hunger and fullness. There is a guide for you about that here if you don’t already have it called the Physical and Symbolic Hunger Guide:  https://www.tracybrownrd.com/free-gifts/

 2) using very gentle structure if you need to find a rhythm if you’re feeling out of control but not using it to “control” yourself. What this means is that if you are not used to eating regularly, eating supportively will look like not waiting too long between meals yet you do eat eating enough to not need to be thinking about food every hour.

3) learning to discern the difference between physical and emotional hunger and fullness so you can feel you have more choice. It’s one thing to emotionally eat and not feel like you can’t versus learn what your under and over emotional eating means so you can decide if you want to eat to help navigate the emotions.

 4) starting to build in other resources as you get clearer about your needs other than food (play, connection, etc.). This one takes some time and learning about the little and big things that allow you to stay present.  Resources are both internal (our ability to connect with our breath, remembering we’ve done hard things before) and external (a smile, nature, smelling orange oil, fuzzy blanket, a hug). After you figure some of this out, it’s practicing these as options along with food and building safety to where you know you have other things and people to lean on when anxious, down, frustrated without the autopilot of food.

And of course, reading at least these books minimum if you haven’t will give you a variety of tools in your toolbox around hunger, fullness and understanding the function of all of this work:  https://www.tracybrownrd.com/resources/

I hope this post and resources inspire you about what you can do and less focus on what isn’t working.

Let me know how it’s going in the comments below and what nuances you might be stuck on.

Peaceful Eating,


PS: for a deeper dive into the nuances of IE, decoding food cravings, body image work and somatic work for stress management, check out https://www.tracybrownrd.com/for-clients/