Self-condemnation will kill your food recovery.

Anyone who has ever tried to make peace with food and weight has dealt with self-condemnation…

We think that if we can ‘just get it right’, we’ll have more confidence, eat different, etc.

Picture of woman upset and covering eyes. Text reads "self-condemnation will kill your recovery."

But has this ever gotten us anywhere? Really and truly.

Ask yourself this…

When did hating ourselves ever help us change?

When did apologizing for how we feel get us more congruent with our needs?

Where did we learn that being critical got us to behave differently?

We cannot hate ourselves into thinking differently or better behavior.

And the reality is, it is much easier to condemn than to speak the truth. It’s much easier to hate ourselves than to put in the work needed for restoration in our hearts, minds and bodies.

So what do we do?

We need to make the shift from focusing on changing what’s on the surface (our bodies, the way we look) to working on the conditions of our heart. 

Let’s focus on WHO do we want to be vs. WHAT we want to look like.

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