Many of us come to Intuitive Eating out of desperation.

We’re sick of the obsession with food and body.

We’re told in dieting culture that if you eat a certain way and stay diligent, you will have success.

We can see this ‘working’ for other people but it doesn’t seem to be for us.

This forces us to look at the different view points – that of diet culture and that of intuitive eating – and determine if we have enough data to support either one.

This is where we get stuck when we’re unable to critically think and study all the sides for ourselves.

This is partially because of our conditioning that thinner is better, gaining weight is horrible and that if you don’t eat a certain way you’ll die of a terrible disease.

And sadly, no one questions any of this because we hear it so much.

This is where be willing to hear different viewpoints is important.

When we’re faced with decisions and situations in life, having various inputs is a good thing!

Be willing to hear others viewpoints so that you can take them in and determine what is best for your current situation is healthy.

It doesn’t mean taking in every viewpoint.

It means having an inquiring mind and being willing to be flexible in your thinking.

P.S. Next week we’ll be talking about red herrings! Stay tuned!